2017 Sports Planning Guide


Another Step Forward

John Wooden, the late UCLA basketball coach, once said, “Never try to be better than someone else. Learn from others, and try to be the best you can be. Success is the by-product of that preparation.”

Welcome to our most successful edition of Sports Planning Guide (SPG) magazine. At 312 pages, this edition marks another step forward for our largest and most insightful annual guide to-date for sports tourism professionals. SPG is a resource. Within this edition you will find articles focused on best practices from industry leaders, sports tourism trends and the largest, most comprehensive guide of sports-friendly destinations with reviews of over 600 top sports venues.

The preparation of SPG is a true team effort. Over the last year, Team SPG has toured facilities at dozens of sports destinations across the United States. We’ve met and spoken with numerous event planners who have helped shape our editorial focus. We’ve spent countless hours creating, tweaking and publishing content, both in this print guide and online at SportsPlanningGuide.com. The process and journey of this preparation is time-consuming, exhausting and incredibly rewarding. Each of the last four years we’ve welcomed double-digit growth in SPG due to support from convention and visitor bureaus, sports commissions and facility partners throughout the country who are serious about hosting events. Along with our partners, we’re focused on helping you achieve a new level of success for your event while having a positive impact on the host destination.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge you, our reader, for your continued support. Your feedback has molded our focus and purpose. We’ve taken your feedback seriously and the results have been organic and authentic, with a 385% website traffic increase the last three years and exponential growth to our magazine, newsletter and social media subscriptions and followers.

This is another step forward. I hope you enjoy this year’s edition of SPG magazine and all it has to offer. At SPG, we strive to continually improve and provide the most useful, engaging and timely content for and about the sports tourism industry. We continue to welcome your feedback. Please feel free to reach out directly to me at 630-794- 0696 or at Justin@ptmgroups.com.

Justin S. Roach – Director of Sports

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