Florida’s Got What You Need

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People love sports, either as an athlete or as a fan. But they love the sports experience, too – the fun and excitement surrounding the actual event.

So as you plan the logistics of your amateur or professional sporting adventure, you also want to create great memories for your athletes and fans.

Florida’s got what you need.

When athletes compete or fans cheer them on, they’re focused on the event. Things need to work seamlessly. Twenty-eight sports commissions across Florida are ready to provide behind-the-scenes support to make your event a success. Thousands of world-class indoor and outdoor sporting venues dot the Sunshine State and even extend offshore, providing the perfect setting for your competition. And because of Florida’s ideal weather, your athletes can compete in a natural setting at any time of year.

Florida’s got what you need.

Your athletes and fans want attention before and after the game, as well. Because Florida is such a popular vacation destination, travel to the state is easy. Hotels and restaurants are well accustomed to serving guests from across the country and the world.

Beaches line both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts for those who want to kick off their shoes and relax in the sun. State and national parks offer serene settings for those who want to hike, canoe, fish, or otherwise enjoy up-close-and-personal encounters with nature. Those seeking city life will embrace Florida’s music and cultural scene. History buffs will revel in the artifacts of our nation’s past. And, of course, for those seeking family fun, Florida is amusement park heaven.

So as you select the perfect setting for your next amateur or professional sporting adventure, remember:

Florida’s got what you need.

See you in the Sunshine State!

Angela A. Suggs President & CEO, Florida Sports Foundation