2018 Sports Planning Guide


Where Relationships Begin

These are exciting times in the world of tournaments and sporting events. It seems like new venues and facilities are being opened almost weekly all over the country with the next being grander than the last. State and local governments are recognizing the value of the industry to their regions and are working to create tax and financial incentives to support this juggernaut. Even Time Magazine devoted its cover article in a September issue to focus on this burgeoning $15 billion business.

Our SPG Team is fortunate to be on the front lines helping tournament planners, rights holders and governing bodies find venues and destinations that fit their requirements. It’s gratifying to learn of relationships that started after someone read in Sports Planning Guide about an amazing lacrosse complex on the East Coast or a bowling complex out West. Our readers tell us time and again how those first contacts found in the pages of SPG have created new relationships and solved their tournament selection problems.

Our editorial staff takes pride in keeping you abreast of the issues and changes that continue to challenge the industry. In this SPG, we bring you an exclusive interview with Al Kidd, the recently appointed president and CEO of the National Association of Sports Commissions. In this interview, you will learn how Mr. Kidd envisions the NASC moving forward in this fast-paced environment.

We also bring you an article from industry guru John Schmieder who shares many of the industry’s trends for 2018 he has culled from his travels across the country.

Other features include a focus on the continued evolution of esports, the popularity of third-party accommodation services, and a special introduction to Project Play 2020, a new national initiative to encourage multisport participation for children all across the country.

In my own travels throughout the U.S., it’s become obvious to me the buildout of facilities taking place is creating a more highly competitive marketing environment for the venues and destinations we showcase. Seeing that firsthand emphasizes the need for us here at SPG to bring you the best information we can to assist you with all of your tournament planning decision making.

That’s why we’ve filled the 2018 Sports Planning Guide with a plethora of venue choices, whether you’re planning a basketball tournament out West, a cyclocross race in New England, or an equestrian competition in the Midwest. Our editorial team takes pride in bringing you an intuitively navigable website and an easy to read print guide.

Thanks to all you, our readers, for making us the most widely used tournament planning reference source in the country, both in print and online. Drop us a line and let us know who you’ve met through SPG … and look forward to meeting many more!

Sports Planning Guide…where relationships begin.

Dan Davis Maloney Director of Business Development