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Know Your Niche

The sports event business will continue to grow for those willing to adapt. The tournament sports and special events business is booming across America with communities [...]

Warrior Games Come to Chicago

Since its inception in 2010, the Department of Defense Warrior Games have provided wounded athletes the chance to compete in an annual Paralympic-style event featuring [...]

Four Real Superheroes

They sat at a small table on the stage of Veterans Memorial Hall in the historic downtown of Rockford, Illinois. For a few hours on a hot June night, in front of a small [...]

Get Active on Olympic Day

The Olympics won’t take place until February, when the Winter Games begin in South Korea, but 2017 can still be an Olympic year for communities across the country. On June [...]

Rockford on the Rise

In June of 2016, Rockford made a considerable splash in the sports tourism industry when it debuted the 105,000-square-foot UW Health Sports Factory, a multi-use indoor venue [...]

Gymnastics Comes to Foley

With summer, and the opening of Foley’s 90,000 square-foot event center just around the corner, the Foley Sports Tourism Complex calendar is filling more each day. [...]
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