Best Practices Podcast

Sports are full of amazing stories of underdogs, unknowns and comebacks. Be prepared… the best is yet to come!

3: Jon Solomon from Aspen Institute


Sports Planning Guide welcomes Jon Solomon, the Editorial Director Aspen Institute’s Project Play initiative that was created almost ten years ago to identify solutions for inequality in youth sports. The program does quite a bit to encourage access to sports in schools from expanding activities for students, widening access to lower income areas and understanding what kids want from their sports program.

Take a listen to see how different programs like Reimagining School Sports PlaybookProject PlaySports in SocietyChildren’s Bill of Rights in Sports and Don’t Retire, Kid aim at redefining sports programs for youth. Learn about new survey’s from Aspen Institute, how the data collected relates to sports tourism and how the industry can promote positive programs like this.

2: Al Kidd from Sports ETA

In the second episode of Best Practices with SPG, we sat down with Al Kidd, president & CEO of the Sports Events & Tourism Association (Sports ETA), to discuss how organizational leadership and innovation at Sports ETA over the last five years has helped the association grow its staff, revenues and value proposition in the eyes of its membership.

A Cleveland area native who now calls San Diego home, Kidd gives us a glimpse into the latest industry data as well as why his mom has remained a role model throughout his life and career. Listen in for expert advise on how Sports Tourism is leading the travel industry towards recovery. 

1: Lance Harrell – SEO Consultant with Premier Travel Media

Nicholas Povalitis virtually sits down with Lance Harrell, SEO Consultant & Content Strategist for Premier Travel Media to talk about the recent changes to the Sports Planning Guide website and what they mean for readers and partners alike.

They take you through not only the history and conceptualization of this newest iteration, but also how the latest in sports tourism trends and research continually play a part in the effort to increase reach, relevance and engagement.

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