World Cup represents the greatest international football event that always gathers thousands of fans from all over the world. The event also comes with a great number of bets and gambling opportunities for those people who want to make some quick money using their knowledge about football or even intuition. Read on to learn how to place and win World Cup bets – enjoy!

Step 1: Know Your Competition

Before you start placing bets on World Cup games, you need to learn about the teams that are participating in the event. This way, you will be able to make correct guesses and win the bet. With numerous national football leagues around the world, it should not be hard for you to find out which teams have the best football players and which teams are considered a powerhouse.

At first, you need to determine which teams will be playing against each other in the group stage. For example, Brazil is a team that many people believe will go all the way through. Germany is another big name associated with winning competitions of this kind. Therefore, you can bet on teams like these because they have a great chance of succeeding. However, if you are more ambitious and have some serious betting experience, you can consider playing against the favorites for instance.

Step 2: Focus On Other Factors Than Team Quality

While analyzing different aspects related to football games, many people only focus their attention on the players’ and the teams’ qualities and abilities. However, betting on World Cup games is a more complex process than organizing some kind of a mini-league table with national teams based on their positions in the FIFA rankings.

The major fact that you need to take into consideration when placing bets for World Cup games is what makes sense for both of the participants as the outcome of the match will not only depend on how good one team is.

For instance, you can place a bet for a game between Russia and Croatia as Russia is a much weaker team compared to Croatia. The Russians have a great chance of winning because they are going to play at home in front of thousands of passionate fans who always manage to get the best out of their players. Croatia on the other hand is not that lucky as it will be playing in a foreign country with hostile fans and without any support which reduces its chances to win by approximately 30% compared to Russia.

However, if you want to be more careful and avoid such situations altogether, you can also consider placing bets using the bet365 bet credits on teams with less talented players as you can potentially earn more money this way.

Step 3: Remember That The Situation Matters For Sure

Every game of the World Cup will be played in a different football stadium with thousands of fans, each having their own preferences. Some national teams are known for always struggling to play against stronger opponents at home whereas there are those who do pretty well in that kind of circumstances.

With this being said, you need to take into account as many factors as possible when placing a bet so your chances to win will be greater. For instance, you can play on a team because it is better than its opponent even though it is going to play away from home. However, this does not mean that you should put your money on a weaker team. This will definitely increase the likelihood of you losing your bet as it is simply not logical to place bets on weaker teams when playing at home.

Step 4: Create Your Own Bets With Custom Odds

Before placing any bets, it is important that you are aware of the bets that can be placed on any match. However, if you want to get the most out of your betting experience and enjoy it, even more, you must consider creating your own bets with custom odds which will increase both your chance of winning and the amount of money you bet.

As a rule, this is done by selecting a player from a stronger team and placing a bet on him. For example, you can place a bet on Neymar to score the first goal in the match between Brazil and Croatia. This is because he will play in front of his home fans so it would be stupid not playing at full capacity.

Final Thoughts

You won’t get rich overnight by placing bets on World Cup games but if you have some experience and always take your time to analyze the situation in detail, you will definitely improve your chances of winning. You can play either for or against strong teams but in this case it is important to remember that the outcome of the game matters much more than the rating of a particular team.