First-rate facilities, exciting attractions and incredible views make this New Mexico town a top-notch tournament location.

Las Cruces, New Mexico’s second-largest city, acts as the economic centerpiece of the beautiful Mesilla Valley. With the sprawling Organ Mountains to its east and Doña Ana Mountains to its north, the “City of the Crosses” boasts gorgeous scenery to go along with a myriad of interesting activities. Lodging options include stays at the Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces, Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn, La Quinta Inn & Suites and Best Western Mission Inn, among several other hotels.

Notable Recent/Upcoming Events

  • SWEAT Rio Grande Showdown Youth Basketball, April 5-7, various MS/HS gyms.
  • Gus Macker 3on3 Basketball, May 17-19, Field of Dreams Football Stadium lot.
  • USSSA Baseball Global World Series, July 3-7, Hadley Complex, Field of Dreams Complex.
  • USSSA Girls Fastpitch NIT, July 25-28, Hadley Athletic Complex.
  • USSSA Whole Enchilada Softball Invitational, October 4-6, Hadley Athletic Complex.

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  • Itinerary Development
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Hadley Athletic Complex

Hadley Athletic Complex

If you love sports tournaments, you will love the Hadley Athletic Complex, situated in the heart of Las Cruces. Hadley consists of a few main components. First, Paz Park boasts four baseball diamonds and is a great spot to enjoy America’s Pastime. Next, Provencio Van Damme Multi-Purpose Field (14 fields) and Soldados Multi-Purpose Field are both popular for soccer practices and games. Additionally, there’s Meerscheidt Recreation Center, which spans 30,000 square feet and offers recreational activities to go along with regular fitness classes. Finally, Hadley Athletic Complex has Wild Chile BMX Track and Galla T-Ball Field, which has four diamonds. The complex will host a number of impressive tournaments in 2019 on the diamond through tournament provider USSSA, including the Baseball Global World Series, Girls Fastpitch NIT and the Whole Enchilada Softball Invitational.

Sports: Baseball, Soccer, Softball, BMX, Basketball, Volleyball.

LCPS Field of Dreams Athletic Complex

LCPS Fieldof Dreams

The cornerstone of the Field of Dreams Athletic Complex is Field of Dreams Football Stadium, where four local high schools play their home games. The sparkling venue opened in 2000; artificial turf was installed in 2014. Football games are played inside the stadium, of course, though in May of 2019 the Gus Macker 3on3 Basketball Tournament took place in the venue’s main parking lot. Still, the Field of Dreams Complex is bigger than just football and three-on-three hoops: the Softball Complex houses four diamonds, while the Baseball Complex offers an additional three. Both facilities have hosted state tournaments and large invitationals in the past. Finally, the Field of Dreams Soccer Complex is a soccer mecca with more than a dozen fields and ample parking. In short, Field of Dreams is the type of complex that turns dreams into reality.

Sports: Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football.

High Noon Soccer Complex

High Noon Soccer Complex

Speaking of soccer hotspots, High Noon is one of Southern New Mexico’s finest facilities for children and teenagers who want to play the sport. The venue offers four fields for kids aged 10 and under, four for 12 and under and an additional three for those under 13. With an abundance of fields and a parking lot nearby, High Noon is not only a prime location for the Las Cruces Youth Soccer League but a great spot for youth soccer tournaments, as well.

Sports: Soccer.

NMSU Athletic Facilities

NMSU Athletic Facilities

Track & Field Las Cruces is home to New Mexico State University, one of the state’s two flagship universities. The New Mexico State Aggies play their home games at numerous venues in Las Cruces, one of which is the football team’s site: Aggie Memorial Stadium. The stadium, featuring a synthetic turf field, was built in 1978 and holds nearly 29,000 fans. NMSU’s basketball and volleyball teams play at the Pan American Center, which opened in 1968 and houses 12,500 people. The stadium underwent renovations in 2005, through which a jumbotron and new concessions and restrooms were added. The university’s baseball team enjoys Presley Askew Field, a 1,000-seat venue that was greatly improved in 2014 through the installation of chairback seating. Beyond football, basketball, volleyball and baseball, other athletic teams at New Mexico State benefit from top-notch facilities. For example, NMSU home golf course is one of the busiest and most-highly-rated in the state, while the Coco-Cola Weight Training Center helps the school’s athletes stay in shape during their grueling seasons.

Sports: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Tennis, Swimming & Diving.

Las Cruces Convention Center

Las Cruces Convention Center

This 72,000-square-foot facility spans 10 acres in the middle of Las Cruces and features a LEED-certified designation. Designed for a variety of events, like conventions, trade shows, meetings, fundraisers and weddings, the Las Cruces Convention Center has a 9,000-square-foot ballroom, numerous breakout rooms and a 5,000-square-foot outdoor area. Stunning views of the Organ Mountains while attending an event make this multi-purpose complex a can’t-miss facility.

Sports: Trade Shows, Conventions, Meetings.

Las Cruces Running Path

Las Cruces Running Path – Biggest Loser Run

Clearly, Las Cruces is perfect for those who love nature and unbridled scenery. Imagine taking a peaceful jog on one of the town’s many running paths. Runners, bikers and walkers will want to check out La Llorona Park and Sierra Vista Trail for some of the finest spots to get some outdoor activity and enjoy the sights of Southern New Mexico.

Sports: Running, Biking.

Lions Park Tennis Complex

Lions Park is a public complex housing 12 fields, all equipped with lights and fencing. With its hard courts, this outdoor facility is an exceptional choice for hosting a tennis tournament in the Las Cruces area. It is already home to the Las Cruces Tennis Players Association and offers a good spot for youth tennis lessons.

Sports: Tennis.

What is There to Do in Las Cruces?

Farmers Market

Beyond natural beauty, Las Cruces offers fun attractions that will appeal to athletes, coaches and their families. One example is the Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market, where visitors will enjoy locally-grown vegetables, hand-crafted kitchenware and live music. Looking to experience New Mexico’s natural allure? Head over to the rare white gypsum dunes at White Sands National Park. And staring out at the pure, white dunes might motivate one to learn about New Mexico’s rich history. For this, Historic Old Mesilla is a fine option: the storied, quaint village allows tourists the opportunity to better understand the early settlers of Southern New Mexico. After learning about the region’s past, visitors can head over to Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument to hike, run, take pictures, horseback ride, or mountain bike.

Organ Mountains

Planner’s Perspective

“Ed Carnathan at the Las Cruces CVB is extremely helpful and motivated to attract events! Las Cruces, NM is an absolutely great place to visit and hold events!”

-Victor Falvey, USSSA Baseball New Mexico/West Texas State Director, Super NIT & Global World Series events.

The Southwest Elite Athletic Talent (SWEAT) organization would like to thank Ed for his continued support he provides to make two Youth Basketball Tournaments held in Las Cruces to be successful. The past 8 years, the SWEAT organization has held tournaments in Las Cruces in the Spring and Labor Day weekend. Ed assists us as he coordinates the discounted hotel rates that we can extend to teams traveling out of town. Each event averages 110 teams with 75% of those coming in from out of town and staying in Las Cruces. Ed continues to support the org and we appreciate everything that he does along with the Visitor Bureau.

-BJ Maestas, SWEAT, Rio Grande Showdown and Labor Day Classic Basketball Tourneys.

How to get to Las Cruces?

By Car: From the north, I-25 runs through the heart of Las Cruces on the way from Albuquerque before transitioning into I-10, which connects Las Cruces to Tucson and Phoenix to the west and El Paso to the south.

By Air: El Paso is less than an hour’s drive away, while Albuquerque comes in at slightly under 200 miles away.

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