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As the largest region in the county, the Western United States is full of geographical diversity. Temperate rainforests, tall mountain ranges and arid deserts are inhabited by an equally diverse population with an affinity for every sport under the sun. Look to our state guides, stories and videos as your official window on the West as you explore the great sporting possibilities the region has to offer.

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Western Outdoor Stadiums Offer Premier Sports Events Scenic Views

Outdoor stadiums are in abundance throughout the United States—from the mega structures of the NFL to the smallest uncovered stands for local communities. Regardless of the size and reach, there are many which stand out for not only their quality, but for their destination, scenic views and history. This depth is what makes sports tourism so special, for there is the thrill of competition combined with other aspects of the industry—what we can learn about the facility, the city, its surroundings and more.

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Eugene Oregon Track and Field is More Than Ready for a Spectacular Season

2022 is shaping up to be the greatest track and field year in the history of Eugene, Cascades and Coast and the entire state of Oregon. More than a dozen major track events are scheduled for the re-imagined Hayward Field at the University of Oregon, culminating with the World Athletics Championships Oregon22 in the summer—the first time it’s ever been held in the United States. To celebrate this exciting year, SPG has compiled a list of events, along with important information needed for preparation.

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Premier Indoor Arenas of the West

From the dry deserts of Arizona to the marine climate of the Cascades region, the range of environments in the western United States vary drastically. Depending on the time of year, outdoor sports events can be difficult to pull off, which is why indoor arenas play such a crucial role for urban economy. With a range from large to small to meet every event planner’s needs, SPG breaks it down to seven premier indoor arenas of the west.

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