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Baseball and Softball Edition

Sports Planning Guide (SPG) has been at the forefront of the sports tourism industry for 15 years, helping connect sports event planners with facilities. Our team is proud that SPG is where relationships begin, helping in planning and selecting ideal destinations for tournaments and events. However, we understand that as our resource grows, so too might the difficulty of finding targeted, specific sport facilities.

The new Where2Play (W2P) Baseball & Softball guide expands upon our relationship building by offering insight into specific field and facility types, further helping event planners make all-important choices when it comes to the where and when of selecting a destination and venue. By focusing on baseball and softball for this guide, Where2Play lives up to its namesake by narrowing the selection field and making the decision process a little easier.

Along with detailed facility profiles on where to play baseball and softball, our second iteration of this series—a follow-up to our W2P Soccer & Lacrosse guide—includes state-of-the-industry reports on both sports. We are also excited to showcase a variety of planners to watch, from big names in the industry to more local or regional-based organizations striving to do great things and stand out among the pack.

We hope that you enjoy this new guide and are looking forward to future W2P iterations. As we cross into Indoor Facilities & Arenas next, we will then update Soccer & Lacrosse with new facilities, as well as major changes and additions to existing ones. As always, we are committed to providing the most inclusive, accurate and detailed information about leading sports destinations and facilities.

Happy planning!

Christopher D. Silbernagel

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