Our 2023 Edition – Where Relationships Begin in Sports Tourism

Sports are again a hot ticket and to honor this industry resurgence, SPG has rolled out its finest edition yet.

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2023 Issue

Welcome to the 2023 Edition of Sports Planning Guide

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, sports tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors in tourism. Sports ETA’s most recent State of the Industry Report shows sports tourism has an economic impact of $91.8 billion and supports 635,000 jobs in member communities across the country.

In other words, sports are again a hot ticket.

To honor this industry’s resurgence, Sports Planning Guide has rolled out our finest issue yet. For starters, SPG features 12 state guides that provide an in-depth look at what each state has to offer. If you want to know the best place to host a pickleball tournament in Washington, a swimming competition in Indiana or a lacrosse outing in Pennsylvania, we have you covered.

SPG also spotlights almost 150 destinations across the country in our industry-leading Site InSpections, which feature the most up-to-date information on venues and attractions in each location.

SPG’s comprehensive stories will keep you on top of the latest trends as we examine the growth of esports and the surge of facilities hosting esports competitions; highlight upcoming complexes in development across the country; and investigate how the sports world is evolving to implement better and more sustainable practices.

Clearly, the 2023 edition of SPG continues to set the standard for coverage of the sports tournament
industry. The same can be said for our popular website, SportsPlanningGuide.com, which features in-depth planning guides, comprehensive facility spotlights and showstopping destination videos.

Simply put, our objective is to help you, the tournament planner, rights holder and governing body, find
solutions to your planning needs. And no one does that better than Sports Planning Guide.

Feature Articles

The Fine Art of Facility Future Casting


Amidst a construction boom and pent-up demand for recreation and togetherness, getting sports facility development done right is perhaps more urgent than ever.

Sports ETA President Sees Opportunities As Industry Recovers

Sports ETA President Sees Opportunities as Industry Recovers

Al Kidd and the Sports Events & Tourism Association are helping guide the sports industry through transformatve times. SPG sits down with the president to discuss important topics.

Esports Facilities Surge for the Masses


Global interest and investment in dedicated esports venues has surged as new projects have arisen, including Populous projects like Fortress Melbourne and Fusion Arena.

9 Premier Sports Facilities to Watch

9 Premier Sports Facilities to Watch

With the success of sports tourism, it’s no surprise everyone wants a piece of the action. For some counties, cities or towns, building new sports facilities or upgrading current ones has become a major selling point for increasing tourism numbers.

Event Planners Overcome Obstacles

Event Planners Overcome

So goes the conundrum of the work of event planners, ever magnified amidst a post-pandemic environment characterized by immediacy and the potential for viral reach.

Sustainability in Sport is Not a Micro Trend

Sustainability in Sport is Not a Micro Trend

To remain competitive in a market like sports tourism, one must understand that there is a need to adapt by taking on challenges and trends, such as sustainability in sport.

Sports Industry Trends for 2023

Sports Tourism Trends for 2023

For our eighth edition of the SPG trends article, our team at Huddle Up Group looked back at the past year to craft and share the trends to look for in 2023 and beyond.

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