Our 2021 Issue - This is Where Relationships Begin

Are you prepared? After months of reaction to the unknown, we now are in a stage of regrouping and planning for the new future of sports tourism in America.

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2021 Issue

Sports Planning Guide

This year, we are prouder than ever to be on the front lines, helping the sports tourism industry as it undergoes the most massive shakeup in its history. In only a few short months, the world of sports tourism came to a standstill, pivoted and moved forward with a new energy. The ramifications to sports organizations and DMOs are yet to be determined, but key point indicators suggest there will be a rapid post-vaccine recovery of most tournament sports, albeit with possible protocol modifications and eligibility requirements.

We hope you enjoy this year’s edition of SPG and that you’ll continue to look to us for help in selecting your tournament locations. This year’s guide features several state guides plus articles about adaptive sports, volunteer management and sports tourism trends that will help you in your planning.

State Guides

Featured Destination

Nestled in the heart of eastern NC, Goldsboro is a destination with rich culture and heritage. We could go on about our legendary BBQ joints, scenic state park, historic sites that date back to the Revolutionary War era, and brag about the daily airshows we witness as F-15E Strike Eagles soar across our skies, but what Goldsboro’s appeal really boils down to is its originality.

Goldsboro is home to the most unique multi-sports complex in the country. The Bryan Multi-Sports Complex opened in April 2018 and has already been recognized as a top soccer venue in the U.S. The venue is located on 63 acres of Seymour Johnson AFB and is structured to host a variety of field sports and cross country events in North Carolina’s ideal outdoor-sports climate, all while providing the unique experience of competing under the contrails of U.S. Air Force fighter jets.

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