SPG’s State Guide to Sports in Washington

Within the state of Washington, pairings of professional and amateur sports, seascape and landscape, and arenas and outdoor complexes are uniquely highlighted. Our authentic brand encapsulates an innovative, passionate, sustainable community that embraces its beautiful natural environment and provides an ideal platform for launching new franchises and hosting premiere events.

Award-winning restaurants and hotels provide hospitality to the loudest, most loyal fans in the country, selling out stadiums and enticing season tickets holders. We put the environment at the forefront of our operations, embracing sustainability in our sports complexes, businesses, communities, and way of life. Our stadiums boast incredible waste diversions rates, renewable energy sources, and carbon offsets. Washington is proud to showcase the best of Pacific Northwest culture as a welcoming, inclusive place with stunning, natural beauty and ever-improving infrastructure.

Washington has a rich history in collegiate athletics, celebrating extraordinary achievements on the field, in the water, and on the court, continuously raising the bar for success at the Division I, II, and III levels. We are proud to add an NHL team as Seattle’s seventh sports franchise as the city seeks its 16th national championship honor, and continue to build a legacy in professional sports. With the start of the renovation of the Seattle Center Arena, the opportunities are endless. Every level of play matters to us because we know the impact sport has on people – We believe in sports and we believe in the continued growth of our local sports communities by solidifying our status as a world-class sports region.

The Seattle Sports Commission is dedicated to bringing the world to Seattle and uniting the region with sports. We embrace and celebrate our successes at both the regional and state levels, and invite you to explore how your event could succeed in the great state of Washington. Whether it be in the counties or cities of Tri-Cities, Olympia, Yakima, Snohomish, Seattle, or Bellingham, our 8,000 lakes, 50,000 miles of rivers and streams, and 3,200 miles of shoreline, Washington can provide what you need.

We, the state of Washington, will be your loyal fans, sponsors, promoters, and hosts. We believe in sports and we believe in what our facilities, our community, and our culture can do for your sporting event.


Ralph L. Morton
Executive Director
Seattle Sports Commission

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