SPG’s State Guide to Sports in Washington

From pros to amateurs, arenas to the outdoors, Washington is an inclusive state that proudly offers sports for everyone. The geographic diversity and state-of-the-art infrastructure provide an ideal platform to launch new franchises and host premier events. Snowboarding at Crystal Mountain, surfing competitions at Westport, downhill cycling in Port Angeles, volleyball tournaments on the shores of Lake Sammamish, and basketball at Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena is a small taste of how uniquely suited the Evergreen State is for your event.

Washington hospitality goes beyond the sporting venues: Our luxury hotels, award-winning restaurants, and range of leisure activities make for a seamless experience for both locals and visitors attending your event. Our innovative communities are passionate about sports. You’ll see this in our sold-out stadiums, our record-breaking cheering and our 12-minute sell-out of season tickets for an NHL team that hasn’t been officially launched yet.

Washington’s iconic sports history spans from the legendary Olympics rowing team of 1936 to our Seattle Seawolves’ Major League Rugby championship in its inaugural season. Our Division I, II, and III athletes continuously strive to raise the bar, creating unforgettable moments on the field, in the water, and on the court. Washington is currently home to six major professional franchises and has earned a collective 14 national championship honors. Every level of play matters to us because we know the impact sports has on people. We believe in the continued growth of our local sports communities by solidifying our status as a world-class sports region.

The Seattle Sports Commission is dedicated to bringing the world to Seattle and uniting the region with sports. We embrace and celebrate our successes at both the regional and state levels, and invite you to explore how your event could succeed in the great state of Washington. Whether you prefer the 52-acre multi-sports complex of Tri-Cities, the outdoors-lovers’ paradise of Spokane, the buzz of opportunity in Seattle, or need to choose from one of our 8,000 lakes, 50,000 miles of rivers and streams, and 3,200 miles of shoreline, Washington can provide what you need.

In short, the people of Washington will be your loyal fans, sponsors, promoters, and hosts. We believe in sports and we believe in what our facilities, our landscape, and our community can dofor your sporting event.


Ralph L. Morton
Executive Director
Seattle Sports Commission

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