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Eight Premier Tournament-Ready Lacrosse Fields Nationwide

Lacrosse already has strong, established roots, but high-quality youth programs are a reason for the sport also being one of the fastest growing in the United States alone. Most youth lacrosse tournaments and events are held at shared multipurpose fields, and there are many throughout the nation readily able to take on the role as host. SPG breaks that extensive list down to eight premier tournament-ready lacrosse fields nationwide, covering what makes each one particularly unique.

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Seven Bowling Alleys at the Top of Their Game

Bowling is one of the premier target sports in the United States with thousands of centers located throughout the nation. Considering these options, SPG has compiled a list of seven of the top bowling centers at the top of their game—each capable of not only hosting premier professional events but also being dedicated to hosting and promoting youth and adult leagues and tournaments.

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The Best Equestrian Centers in America

Horse show season is upon us, as dazzling equestrian centers across the country have already begun schedules packed with top-of-the-line events. From Florida up to Rhode Island and all the way to Colorado, stables and farms are getting better and better, modernizing but still managing to maintain that traditional experience. Facilities are changing, focusing less on breeding horses and more on producing shows that make people want to come back.

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Eugene Oregon Track and Field is More Than Ready for a Spectacular Season

2022 is shaping up to be the greatest track and field year in the history of Eugene, Cascades and Coast and the entire state of Oregon. More than a dozen major track events are scheduled for the re-imagined Hayward Field at the University of Oregon, culminating with the World Athletics Championships Oregon22 in the summer—the first time it’s ever been held in the United States. To celebrate this exciting year, SPG has compiled a list of events, along with important information needed for preparation.

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Lacrosse is Coming to a Field Near You, But What is it?

Lacrosse has been around since before the 16th century when European settlers found Native Americans playing it, but in the United States it has just begun to grow in popularity in recent years. This extremely fast-growing sport deserves a deep dive into the history and evolution to define what lacrosse is, as it has the potential to be a great investment for athletic facility owners and tournament planners.

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