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Southeast U.S. Outdoor Stadiums Offer Variety for All Sports Events

The American Southeast has a lot to be proud of, including delicious cuisine, its southern hospitality and, of course, amazing sporting events. But like everywhere in the United States, sports tourism is not dominantly driven by the pros but rather by youth—around $4 billion more than the NFL in 2019 alone, in fact. This means that each destination needs variety in their stadiums, and the American Southeast has just that as it caters to everything from football to soccer, rugby and more.

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Illinois Outdoor Stadiums for Sports Events of All Sizes

Outdoor stadiums bring a lot of excitement to sports events, not just with the action on the field but with their unique builds, atmosphere and surroundings. We could go into detail on larger facilities like Soldier Field, but those types of outdoor stadiums are already well-known exclusively as professional establishments and aren’t utilized for a variety of playing levels. The six provided here are not part of an exhaustive list, but rather showcase the depth of these types of facilities throughout the state of Illinois.

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Western Outdoor Stadiums Offer Premier Sports Events Scenic Views

Outdoor stadiums are in abundance throughout the United States—from the mega structures of the NFL to the smallest uncovered stands for local communities. Regardless of the size and reach, there are many which stand out for not only their quality, but for their destination, scenic views and history. This depth is what makes sports tourism so special, for there is the thrill of competition combined with other aspects of the industry—what we can learn about the facility, the city, its surroundings and more.

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Eight Great New and Newly Renovated Pickleball Court Centers

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States, with many dedicated indoor and outdoor centers to the tennis, badminton and ping pong hybrid popping up nationwide each year. This spike in popularity can be attributed to many things, particularly how easy pickleball is to pick up and play and the positive community the sport and its organizers have created.

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