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Like the sports tourism industry itself, Sports Planning Guide as a whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. It takes a collaborative effort to find and plan your next tournament, but our large network of partners makes that easier. Our Site InSpections provide comprehensive, unparalleled coverage of every field and facility on a site-by-site basis, bringing you a wealth of options to choose from.

Featured Destination

Richmond Region Tourism

Named America’s #1 river city, the Richmond, Virginia region is a place where teams want to play, and where families want to visit. Our world-class venues attract sports events from all over the world. Our dedicated sports management team is here to work alongside your team to make sure you’re on your game, so they can be, too.

When you’re not competing, our to-do list includes more than 90 attractions and 1,000+ restaurants. The Richmond region is within a day’s drive for more than half of the US population. We’re also served by a number of major airlines in our international airport. To find your venue and celebrate your moment, contact Jerrine Lee, STS, Director of Sports Development, via email or by calling 804.783.7418.

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Destination Videos

We have curated the best destination and facility videos from throughout the industry. Words and photos are great, but video provides you that extra bit of insight into a destination. We invite you to browse our collection and get inspired. 

What's Trending Now

The shifting sands of the sports landscape require an eye on the ball at all times. Lucky for you, our Trending in Sports series offers a comprehensive look at the latest headlines from around the country. We’ve got you covered with the most recent stories making an impact on and off the field.

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As a thought leader in the industry, we pride ourselves on improving the sports event planning industry via partnering with experts to create informative education materials. 

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