SFM Guide will help communities work to safely host sports tournaments

As part of its efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the tourism market, Sports Facilities Management, a national leader in facility management, has released its proposed COVID-19 response materials. These are designed to implement reopening policies and develop COVID-19 response strategies which will support the health and safety of clients at local and state levels.

Facilities across the country will find this guide invaluable as SFM provides point-by-point strategies on how to reopen amid the pandemic. Included in the guide are:

  1. COVID-29 guidelines for re-opening
  2. FAQ for parents/customers designed for use on venue websites and within the registration/reservation process
  3. A venue-specific diagram showing spacing as a visual tool to maintain spacing of people
  4. An order sheet for each venue demonstrating up front the equipment costs for recommended safety equipment, cleaning agents, thermometers, etc.
  5. Summary of anticipated new monthly costs due to these changes to operations
  6. Information about chemicals/supplies
  7. Additional labor needed
  8. Recommended signage

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Guideline forReopening

The report also features a summarized list of guidelines for reopening sports and physical activities including:

  • Outdoor Fields& Playing Surfaces
  • Indoor Facilities & Playing Surfaces
  • Food Service Areas
  • Arrival & Admissions
  • Guidelines for Activity
  • Behind the Scenes (Employees)
  • Participant screening form – Parent/Guardian
  • Participant screening form – Adult
  • OSHA Guidelines

SFM also offers additional tools and guidance including a capacity calculator, which helps identify the right capacity with distancing, and social media guidelines. SFM recognizes the fast-changing nature of COVID-19 and will continue to monitor conditions to make future determinations for venue guidelines and best practices.