Here’s the simple fact: signage attracts attention. Think back to any event you’ve gone to, outdoors or indoors. From a grand welcome sign to a simple directional sign, it’s important to provide these visuals.

Use signage to achieve higher attendance. Before your event takes place, strategically place your signs to get the word out and spark interest in your host community. During the event, signs generate a sense of credibility and legitimacy.

Clean and creative signs used during your event can be used to promote your organization/event. Making your event title or logo visible provides a visual cue for all attendees, resulting in better brand recognition. You can also use signs during your event to promote upcoming events. Use signage to showcase your sponsors and advertisers. It’s important to satisfy your sponsors sufficiently so they will provide support in future events.

It’s important to promote all your social media outlets, whether you’re asking attendees to follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page or even connect with you on LinkedIn. It’s a good idea to additionally provide a hashtag (#) for your event so attendees can share photos and experiences connected to your specific event via Twitter and Instagram. The more social media buzz you can produce, the better chance you have at having successful future events.

Of course, you can use signs simply for directional purposes. Sports events especially can be hectic and confusing. What court or field am I supposed to go to? Where is the viewing section? Where are concessions? Where are restrooms? Where is the gift shop? Where are tournament results posted? Communication is always key; communicate to your visitors and give them an easygoing and enjoyable experience.

Now that you know why you need signage, here’s how you pull it off. Source One Digital, a signage application innovator, has extensive experience as a top-quality graphics partner for leading brands, retailers and sports, including the NCAA and Chicago Blackhawks. Source One Digital team members Katie Konicek, vice president of national sales, and Rob Newton, digital print consultant, have provided eight novel ways to utilize your signage.

#1 Go Green and Use the Natural Landscape

Use existing landscape and unexpected areas to display graphics. Signs don’t have to be limited to walls, and you don’t have to install obnoxious posts just to hold a sign.

CheerPower_Banner welcome

Cheer 10′ x 10′ blow-through mesh banner hung from palm trees, reinforced with rope

#2 Wrap It

Vinyl adhesive decals are made to adhere to almost any surface—flat, contoured or textured—for indoor and outdoor applications.

MISPEED social media column wrap

MISpeedway social media column wrap

#3 Think Big—and then Bigger than that!

Banner graphics can be billboard size or even larger to cover locations that can easily be seen from a distance. Big visuals are more likely to attract attention.

Cheer Sport mesh banner tunnel wrap 75' x 85'

CHEERSPORT mesh banner tunnel wrap 75′ x 85′

#4 Capture Idle Moments of Opportunity

Use areas of forced pedestrian foot traffic—stairwells, escalators and elevators—as opportunities for branding, promoting and sponsorship.

Women's NCAA Basketball Final Four, Tourney Town escalator graphics

Women’s NCAA Basketball Final Four, Tourney Town escalator graphics

#5 Use See-Through Graphics

Graphics such as perforated window vinyl are great products to use during temporary events, as they can be easily removed from windows. They can even block glaring light from coming in on shiny courts. Large window graphics can be made to be viewed from the outside, but seen inside as soft black screens.

Bridgestone Arena

Bridgestone Arena with perforated vinyl

#6 Define Event Space within the Event

Need to designate or barricade an event area within the event venue itself? A-frames are great economic and transportable ways to display graphics where no structure currently exists. They collapse easily and can be reused.

A-frame tennis court

A-frame tennis court

#7 Make a 360 Impact

Fence mesh and windscreens can be printed front and back to capture the audience on both sides of the fence. These are especially helpful in making your sponsors happy.

AYF field mesh banner

AYF field mesh banner

#8 Go Where the Fans Are

Bleachers and grandstands are great structures to utilize for installing large graphics that capture the audience’s attention on the way to their seats.

Bleachers graphic

Bleachers graphic

Bonus Advice

“Look for areas of opportunity for signage where you wouldn’t expect it to grab people’s attention. A sign does not have to be a paper poster or banner anymore. Graphics can be installed temporarily on walls, windows, floors and pillars in a large-format scale and be removed without leaving damage for short -term use. Go for full color, customize the shape and size or add dimensional elements like layering materials to add even more impact,” said Newton.

For more information, visit Source One Digital’s website.

By Lauren Reiniger