What is the Illinois FootGolf Association and what do you do?

The Illinois FootGolf Association (IFGA) is part of the United States FootGolf Association (USFGA), a non-profit organization with a board of directors and an advisory committee with leaders in the sports of golf and soccer, such as a former PGA president, a current PGA chairperson and BlueGolf Handicapping Platform CEO, among others.

I am the president of the Illinois FootGolf Association and on the Board of Directors of the US FootGolf Association. I promote the sport of FootGolf including certification for golf courses, membership, handicapping index, state tournaments and Club Championship nationwide. Our first Illinois FootGolf Open was in October of 2013 at Prairie Bluff Golf Course in Lockport, Illinois.


What are your goals?

For the sport of FootGolf, we want to grow; we want every community to enjoy the sport on the beautiful sanctuaries of golf courses. We’d also like golf courses in need of business to reach out and host some FootGolf tournaments.

How popular is FootGolf?

The sport is becoming extremely popular among soccer clubs, families looking to spend quality time together, courses looking to increase revenues with this new activity, and recreational players simply having fun with their friends. We will host seven recreational tournaments in 2015. Additionally, we will promote our Club State Championship.


What do you look for in a golf course to host FootGolf?

We look for courses ready to embrace the sport and to welcome a new audience to their facility. We look for courses that are open-minded and understand that a quality FootGolf course will make players like the sport and come back to book more tee times. The USFGA has a certification program for courses that are looking to offer quality facilities for FootGolfers.

What do you believe draws people to FootGolf?

FootGolf is a very easy sport to play for all ages and abilities. The learning curve is minimum compared to golf. Thanks to our BlueGolf handicapping index, players will now be able to level the ground and play even if they are beginners. It is a fantastic atmosphere to be on a golf course with friends and families kicking a soccer ball into a 21-inch-wide cup!

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