The best sports events are organized by planners who think outside the gym. What will the teams do during their downtime? Where will they stay? Can local restaurants accommodate big groups of athletes?

All these additional components come together to form an unspoken event planning rule: sports events are only as good as the city in which they’re hosted. It can be hard for event planners like yourself to find the perfect city when there are so many options vying for your attention but, luckily for you, Georgia is chock full of charming towns and bustling metropolises that can’t wait to help you make your tournament or race a smashing success.

Between its collection of cities and towns, Georgia has hosted Super Bowls, World Series and even the Summer Olympics, giving the Peach State a formidable sports history that puts it well above other potential destinations. In addition to successfully pulling off events on a global scale, Georgia is the well-loved home of the Falcons, the Braves and the Hawks. While your athletes might not be pros (yet!), rest assured Georgia will treat them with the same caliber. With more than 19 major sports cities and 1,850 hotels to choose from, Georgia makes picking a host city an enjoyable experience that will leave you anxiously awaiting your upcoming event.

Outside the gym and off the field, your athletes will never run out of things to see and do during their trip. Whether they’re touring Civil War mansions after the sun has set, shooting down waterslides at Six Flags or conquering the bountiful scenic wonders the Peach State’s natural side has to offer, your teams will enjoy their stay from start to finish no matter what Georgia city they’re visiting.

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