Event companies are expected to boost the economic growth of sports tourism

Sports Facilities Companies has announced the launch of its lacrosse events company: Halo LAX, LLC. Beginning this season, Halo LAX will host venues that feature more than a dozen events with three different styles including 6onLAX, D3 Showcase, and Club Challenges. With a full schedule for the 2021 season, Halo LAX plans to host 40-plus lacrosse events and more than 10,000 participants in venues across the country that is forecasted to produce more than $5.6 million in economic impact to those destinations.

“Halo LAX represents the next evolution of how the SF Companies serve our clients and communities,” said Jason Clement, SF Companies’ CEO and co-founder. “Our goal is to create exceptional events that fill a hole in the market to supplement – not displace – our existing event owner partners. This initiative creates a win for facilities, communities, and the industry as a whole by introducing new event inventory.”

SFM Network expecting to see additional growth

SFM Network, the largest and fastest growing network of sports and recreation facilities, hosts more than 25 million visitors in their sites each year – a number the firm expects to see growth with the addition of Halo Lax events and others. SF Companies’ National Director of Events & Entertainment, Justin Roach and Event Manager, Joel Franklin are overseeing the launch of the Halo LAX on behalf of the firm.

“Our vision is to create an event platform that helps grow the sport of lacrosse and improves access for all,” said Roach. “In addition to being a great event option for facilities in the SFM Network, we’ll also be bringing our events to many other communities across the country.”

U.S. sports market continues to grow

Event companies like Halo LAX and destination sports properties like Panama City Beach Sports Complex are expected to rise in the economic growth of sports tourism. The U.S. youth sports market continues to grow every year since 2015, according to market research firm. Wintergreen Research predicts that the industry could climb to $77.5 billion in 2026, an increase of $58.3 million from the current $19.2 million in revenue. Progressive cities like Bedford Park, IL, Gatlinburg, TN, Bryan, TX, and Westfield, IN have opened up sports tourism destinations in their region.

To learn more about Halo LAX, register for a tournament, or inquire about becoming a host site, visit www.halolax.com. To learn more about the SF Companies and the SFM Network, visit www.sportadvisory.com or www.sfmnetwork.com.