Let the Idea Run

Typically beginning with community requests or the insight of a few key leaders, the early visioning phase for a new sport, special events, or recreation center is an exciting time. Once the idea progresses and community leaders begin to get behind the concept, the process can take on a life of its own.

Define Success

Defining success and determine the desired outcomes of the facility should be step #1 in taking concept to concrete. Defining success formally in a business development planning session is crucial so that all parties understand very clearly the objective of the venue. In a private development, this is typically easy to do; however, many public developments need to gain alignment between multiple perspectives including economic development corporations, local parks & recreation, CVB, core community user groups, and a variety of other constituents.

Developed to help bring focus to the planning committee these priorities and outcomes will drive decision making throughout the development cycle. Definitions of success can vary based on whether the project is publically funded or developed by with private sector funds.  Common objectives include:

  • Quality of life                                            Return on investment
  • Economic development                         Real estate asset development
  • Community engagement                       Community impact

Align Program With Purpose

When all parties are aligned to the priority objectives, plan can then be made: organizational development plans, marketing plans, operating plans, and architectural plans to construct a building and organization that achieves the definition of success.

The common architectural saying “form follows function” applies exceptionally well to sports complexes. The function of these venues should be to fulfill their unique purpose as defined in the business development planning session.

Author Bio:

Jason_Clement HeadshotJason Clement, Founding Partner and CEO, The Sports Facilities Management. Jason has led The Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA) and The Sports Facilities Management (SFM)to develop into globally recognized leaders focusing on transforming the health and economic vitality of the youth and amateur sports marketplace. Jason conceptualized and led the launch of SFM overseeing the development of the organization and management systems. He is also an experienced advisor having provided strategy, financial, and operational expertise to new and existing venues throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Asia, Africa and Central America.