Best Practices

Consistency is Key

March 15, 2017

In a few weeks, the Final Four will descend on our home town of Phoenix, Arizona.  It will be the first time Arizona has hosted college basketball’s most important [...]

Huddle Up with Jon Schmieder: Field Trip

February 13, 2017

This week we pose to you a question….. What is the best learning experience you have ever had? I bet the answer has little to do with classroom setting, and more to do with [...]

Planning With Purpose

November 1, 2016

Let the Idea Run Typically beginning with community requests or the insight of a few key leaders, the early visioning phase for a new sport, special events, or recreation [...]

The Fun Factor

May 19, 2016

Jason Clement, CEO and founding partner of SFM, is contributing a series of three articles discussing why they were built and what makes them work. [...]
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