Sports Planning Guide Features

Ultimate Making Major Strides

Veronica Cruz (Stanford University) makes the game-winning catch during a semifinal game between the University of Oregon and Stanford University at the USAU Division 1 [...]

Spirits Soar in Fort Wayne

Sports have always had the ability to bring people together, but the respect for learned abilities and the work ethic that accompanies great performances have rarely been [...]

10 Sports Industry Trends for 2018

Our industry has seen unprecedented growth, and with it, a great deal of change. As we look ahead, the organizations and leaders that can anticipate (or create) these market [...]

Digital Evolution

The world of esports might be the biggest competitive phenomenon you’ve never heard about. At its simplest level, esports is a multiplayer video game tournament staged in a [...]

10 Sports Industry Trends for 2017

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “There is nothing permanent, except change.” That concept is more true today in the world of sports tourism and events than ever [...]

Meet TEAM Maryland

With venues for virtually every sport, Maryland draws teams from across the country and internationally for high-profile competition. Whether you want to host your next [...]

North Carolina: An Open Invitation

North Carolina has opened its doors to a dynamic collection of sports events for years, welcoming athletes from all walks of life Sports have long been a part of North [...]

A Magnet for Big-Time Sports Events

The Palmetto State hosts premier events and attracts millions of spectators every summer. 2016 was a great year for South Carolina sports—2017 looks to be even better. When [...]
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