Sports Planning Guide Features

20 Events Worth Watching

Hundreds of thousands of sports events take place across the United States each year. From Hilo, Hawaii to Hialeah, Florida, players compete, crowds gather and ultimately, [...]

Spirit of Responsible Sports

On September 13, 2017, the 130th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session will convene in Lima, Peru, where the IOC will announce the host of the 2024 Summer Olympic [...]

The Future is a Pastime

Play Ball Uttered around the world as part of a great sports tradition, those two words reverberate across stadiums, parks, backyards and blacktops. They’re also part of [...]

Rethink Adaptive Sports

More destinations should be hosting adaptive sports events—the right way. Here is how to bring adaptive sports events to your destination. [...]

Rise of the Megacilities

Game changing facilities generating staggering economic impacts. Here's the lineup of what Sports Planning Guide has officially coined as megacilities. [...]

10 Sports Industry Trends for 2016

According to Dr. Lisa Neirotti of George Washington University, sports tourism is an $8-billion industry. This niche market is enjoying unprecedented growth and accounts for [...]
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