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Profound Promotion

January 9, 2017

Many sports commissions and CVBs have expanded into the special event business (such as music festivals and Harley-Davidson rallies).  After all, the skills it takes to put [...]

Sports Industry Acronyms Decoded

January 3, 2017

“What is an NGB?” “Ultimate?  Ultimate what?” “Quidditch is really a sport?” “What does NAIA stand for?” If you have ever experienced this (or if you [...]

Planning With Purpose

November 1, 2016

Let the Idea Run Typically beginning with community requests or the insight of a few key leaders, the early visioning phase for a new sport, special events, or recreation [...]

Here’s What’s Coming Up

October 12, 2016

After months of preparation, the 2017 annual edition of Sports Planning Guide (SPG) is off to the printer and will be reaching your mailbox in just a few short weeks. At 312 [...]

­The Resurgence of Rowing

July 7, 2016

A significant number of athletes, young and old, are recognizing the physical and mental health benefits of participating in the sport & culture of rowing, a sport that athletes can continue to pursue well in to old age. [...]
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