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Big Snow

When most people think of California, they think of the warmth of its famous beaches, the glitz and glam of Los Angeles and its glitterati, the lure of Hollywood or the architectural marvels of San Francisco.

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Surf’s Up!

The lore of how surfing came to California on the backs of three teenage Hawaiian princes in 1885 is legendary.

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Offbeat California

While California contains nearly twice as many professional teams as any other state and hosts some of the largest sporting events in the country, it is also home to numerous lesser publicized and occasionally offbeat events that attract ardent crowds.

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California’s Natural Playing Fields

California is known for many things: eclectic culture, world-class cuisine and a buzzing celebrity scene. While those elements certainly draw people to its borders, there’s another that has been a true driver of tourism to the state: Its National Parks. California has nine U.S. National Parks, the most of any state, each with their own unique characteristics and landscapes. For athletes, coaches and spectators visiting California for a tournament, the National Parks offer a gateway to the state’s natural playgrounds.

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