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10 Sports Industry Trends for 2016

According to Dr. Lisa Neirotti of George Washington University, sports tourism is an $8-billion industry. This niche market is enjoying unprecedented growth and accounts for [...]

Are You on the Wave?

Smart sports planners use social media tools and strategies to engage the public and build excitement for their events. [...]

Changing the Way Golf is Played

The reports are staggering. According to the National Golf Foundation, in 2013 more than 4.1 million golfers quit the game. And while only 14 courses were built in the U.S., [...]

AFGL FootGolf Opening All Across America

Get ready for a game born from two of the most popular sports in the world that’s fun, different and on the rise. The name of the game is FootGolf, where you combine your soccer and golf skills on a golf course. [...]
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