SPG’s State Guide to Sports in Florida


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A roar of a crowd. The shimmer of a sun ray hitting the crystal-clear ocean. Waves filtering in and out over a glass-like sandy beach. Dinner fresh from ocean to plate. Sun-kissed skin after an afternoon of golf. This is just the beginning of the many opportunities to Come Play in Florida.

Florida’s sports industry has grown to an estimated $57.4 billion per year industry, supporting more than 588,000 jobs for Floridians while attracting more than 16 million international and out-of-state visitors annually. As a water enthusiast’s wonderland, Florida offers 1,000 miles of coastline that lay on both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, 12,000 miles of fishable rivers and streams, and nearly 8,000 natural lakes, providing an economic footprint that totals $7.5 billion and accounts for 81,000 jobs within the fishing and boating industries.

The crack of a bat. Peanuts and cracker jacks. Laughter, cheers, and sense of excitement. Roaring engines rounding the black oval. The swish of a three-pointer at the buzzer. Triumph and celebration of victory.

Florida is home to 10 major professional sports franchises in five major sports leagues: Major League Baseball and its Grapefruit League, the National Hockey League, National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Soccer and is home to NASCAR, the PGA Tour, the LPGA, and the PGA of America. The Sunshine State is home to nine Professional Sports championships, including three Super Bowl titles, three NBA Finals champions, two MLB championships, and one Stanley Cup champion.

Lush greens of cultured grass. Ripples through the Everglades. Dolphins swimming side-by-side with a boating tour. A blasting horn leaving the shore. Crickets chirping under the moonlight. The crackling of the campfire. Summer year-round.

People love sports, either as a participant or spectator. The fun and excitement surrounding the actual event and the experience of it all. As you plan the logistics of your amateur or professional sporting adventure, you can also create great memories for your participants, spectators, families, and fans.

Several industry partners across Florida are ready to provide support to make your event a success. Thousands of world-class indoor and outdoor sporting venues dot the Sunshine State and even extend offshore, providing the perfect setting for your competition.

We look forward to having you Come Play in Florida!

Angela A. Suggs

President & CEO, Florida Sports Foundation