SPG’s State Guide to Sports in Texas

Texas is the second biggest state in the union by population (behind only California) and also boasts more land area than any state besides Alaska.

In other words, Texas is a vast state that holds numerous colossal events. Which is something you probably already knew. But do you know how Texas manages to attract such events?

Sports Planning Guide delves into that topic as we explore how Texas utilizes Event Trust Funds to draw huge happenings like the Super Bowl (2017 in Houston) and the College Football National Championship Game (2015 in Arlington). These funds have proven invaluable to the Lone Star State as they enable cities to attract different types of competitions from all levels, bringing a wide array of tourism dollars to the state.

Texas is also renowned for its many water parks, where families are able to cool off when they aren’t enjoying the action at sports tournaments. Sports Planning Guide provides an in-depth list of amusement and water parks throughout the state, a handy guide for those wanting to escape the heat regardless of where their travels take them.

From big-time events to refreshing water parks, Texas has something for everyone.

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