SPG’s State Sport Guide to California

Welcome to California, your year-round destination for just about anything you can imagine. As an athlete, event planner and a California native, I truly appreciate all that the Golden State has to offer. Growing up in Southern California afforded me the opportunity to train year-round outdoors and hone my skills as a young pole vaulter, leading me to an Olympic gold and silver medals at the 1968 Mexico and 1972 Munich Summer Olympic Games.

For the past 20 years, I have been an event planner in the endurance sports fields of running, swimming and triathlons. Our company, Motiv Sports, based out of Denver, Colorado, owns and operates over 30 endurance events worldwide reaching over 550,000 participants globally on an annual basis. California is currently home to 11 of those events taking place throughout the state. High-profile events like the Malibu Triathlon, Long Beach Marathon, Surf City Marathon Huntington Beach and the Golden Gate Half Marathon all take place in the beautiful Golden State.

Planning our annual events, we often interact with city officials, convention and visitor bureaus, chambers of commerce, parks and recreation departments, local sports commissions and venue managers.

In California, you will find all these individuals and organizations eager to help you plan your next event. So, what are you waiting for? The Golden State is your golden opportunity!

All the best to you and your next event.

Bob Seagren
Motiv Sports

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