SPG’s State Sport Guide to California

Welcome to the sports world of the Golden State!

California has hosted many of the greatest sports events in history, from the Olympics to the Super Bowl. Whether your event takes place in a stadium, on a river, in the mountains or on a beach, California is ready to provide you with the world-class services and experiences you require to achieve success.

One in eight Americans lives here, and our industries are active supporters of sports in all forms. California is known for its agricultural companies of the San Joaquin Valley, healthcare industry giants, over 100 major and community colleges and the high-tech firms of Silicon Valley.

Our corporate leaders all recognize the value of sport and play to the growth of their communities and companies. They consistently support thousands of organizations and events each year with a multitude of sponsorships.

In addition, California cities like Roseville, Redding, Irvine, Morro Bay, Bakersfield and Pomona are actively investing in sports facilities that can accommodate all types of events. The new Placer Valley Sports and Events Center in Roseville will offer 160,000 square feet of space for indoor sports and events. Irvine recently opened the 194-acre Great Park Sports Complex, which is capable of hosting just about any outdoor sport you can imagine, and the Fairplex in Pomona has a long standing reputation for year-round activities.

Let’s not forget another great reason to bring your event to California—the amazing natural wonders. Over 50 percent of the state is covered by forests. You’ll get to see everything from the amazing redwoods to the blooming Mojave Desert to the tidepools of La Jolla and Big Sur. If skiing is your bag, Mt. Shasta, Big Bear and others will welcome you with open arms. One other bucket list location is a must: Yosemite National Park.

Communities like Redding in northern California offer an abundance of charm, hospitality and awe-inspiring natural beauty, whether you’re hosting mountain biking, running, climbing, fishing or sailing events. Shasta Lake, Whiskeytown Lake, and Lassen Volcanic National Park are just a few of the unique venue gems you’ll find spread across California that can offer opportunities for ascension skiing, split boarding and sports snowshoeing.

We invite you to review this year’s California Sports Planning Guide and contact any of our destinations for help and suggestions.

Contact information is listed for each participating destination. We are here to help you build your event business.


Laurie Baker
Chief Executive Officer, Redding Visitors Bureau

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